Dear Future Grandkids
Visual Identity
Future listeners are in for a treat as an inspirational podcast got a quirky visual revamp.

Dear Future Grandkids is a show delivering heartfelt messages to generations yet to come. The initial visuals of the show feature handwritten letters, envelopes, and postage stamps. For it's latest season, Amper presented three concepts to the production team; Mailbox concept won.

3 different images with 'Dear Future Grandkids' text on it

The arc shape of the mailbox was utilized across all the materials, making it the unifying visual theme that symbolizes a door or gateway to countless stories and life lessons waiting to be discovered.

medium  close-up shot of an asian girl smiling at the camera
Dear Future Grandkids mockup
medium close-up shot of a man smiling at the camera
Dear Future Grandkids mockup in spotify
mobile phone with a mocked up image on a pink background
Youtube mock up of Dear Future Grandkids
A kid in pink sweater wearing headphones while reading a letter
a teenage guy with a headphone on his neck, smiling in front of a blue microphone.
An asian girl wearing a yellow sweater looking at her phone while smiling
wide-shot of a bus stop with a Dear Future Grandkids poster.
close-up shot of a building with a horizontal Dear Future Grandkids billboard on top.