Visual Identity
Your one-stop hub to anything pop culture got a brand refresh

For years, CinemaBravo has been providing updates on films, television, music, and anything visual arts. By utilizing CinemaBravo's "C" and "B" initials, together with the radiant blue-yellow dyad, a fun, dynamic, and fresh identity has emerged, enhancing social media presence and allowing them to standout even more.

Mosk typeface with letters A-Z with pantone and hex codes of Blue and Yellow
Macbook Pro and Iphone on a table showing CinemaBravo branding
on the left, a finger tapping a phone with CinemaBravo mockup branding and a facebook mockup of Cinemabravo on the right
random people smiling at the camera, movie posters, in a website mockup against yellow background
blue floppydisk with yellow accent
blue and yellow mugs with CinemaBravo branding
yellow and blue postcards against white and blue background
Hand holding CinemaBravo calling card against a pale yellow background
CinemaBravo notebook flatlay with leaves, inks, clip, glass, and white cloth with random blue letters in the background